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The best and most interesting Stonehenge Tours

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Why should you book a Stonehenge tour?

There are numerous Stonehenge tours available every day. Your only task is to pick the Stonehenge tour that suits you and your travel plans the best. Purchasing your Stonehenge tour in advance allows you to properly plan your travel schedule and save money and time. For all those reasons, we have hand-picked the best Stonehenge tour available. Have a look at our carefully selected Stonehenge tours! A tour of Stonehenge will give you a complete insight into the known history of this mysterious monument. A guided Stonehenge tour is a great way to have an unforgettable experience of visiting Stonehenge. Discover exciting stories about this monument, its history, and hear assumptions about its numerous purposes. Enjoy the exploration of the archeological site and see the surrounding landmarks to get a better insight into British history.

We have picked the best Stonehenge tours for you!

Choosing a suitable tour can be an overwhelming task. When you are faced with many choices, you tend to not know what choice is just right for you. That's why we have selected the best available Stonehenge tours. Have a look at our tour selection guide, and book a Stonehenge tour that's just right for you!
All tour groups are purposely small to allow you the best experience. You will be able to ask your fantastic tour guide all the questions you always wanted to know about Stonehenge. You still haven't decided on which tour of Stonehenge you should book? Read up about the best available tours we have selected only for you!

Experience more of Britain's history by going on a guided Stonehenge tour!

A guided Stonehenge tour will offer you an incredible experience of discovering all the wonders and mysteries of this iconic monument.

Recommended Stonehenge Tours

We have selected only the best Stonehenge tours for you. With so many tour options available for touring and visiting the iconic Stonehenge, we decided to make it easier for you. We selected the best available Stonehenge tours, so you can easily choose and decide on the tour that is best suited for you! Pick the best tour that is most suitable for you, and start your Stonehenge adventure right now!

All of the Stonehenge tours include a skip-the-line enter ticket.

Prices and Overview

You can read more about our hand-picked Stonehenge tours below the price overview.

Tour Options Price from
Stonehenge Sunset Tour English € 173 /per person Buy Now
Stonehenge Tour From Bath English € 182 /per person Buy Now
Stonehenge Half-Day Tour 13 Languages € 67 /per person Buy Now
Stonehenge & Bath Tour English € 88 /per person Buy Now
Stonehenge Full-Day Tour From London English / Spanish / Japanese € 77 /per person Buy Now
Stonehenge & Windsor Castle Tour English € 134 /per person Buy Now
Stonehenge Audio Guide Tour From London English € 65 /per person Buy Now

6 Hand-picked Stonehenge tours

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From € 65

Duration: 6 hours

Stonehenge Audio Guide Tour From London

This 6-hour tour will take you from London to Stonehenge where you'll be able to explore the legendary ancient site.

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From € 173

Duration: 12 hours
Stonehenge at night

Stonehenge Sunset Tour

On this private full-day tour learn everything you could ever want about England's most famous prehistoric landmarks, the Stonehenge. The tour takes place at sunset so you'll be able to dodge the crowds and explore Stonehenge at your own pace.

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From € 88

Duration: 10 hours
Stonehenge close up

Stonehenge & Bath Tour

Take a leisurely trip on a luxury coach tour of Stonehenge and Georgian Bath. On this tour you'll have plenty of time to explore the ancient monument Stonehenge as well as the city of Bath.

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From € 134

Duration 10.5 hours
City of Bath Tour

Stonehenge & Windsor Castle Tour

This 10 hour tour will take you to the Roman Baths where you'll be able to witness English culture in the Roman Times. You will also visit the breath-taking Windsor Castle as well as the magnificent Stonehenge.

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From € 67

Duration: 6.5 hours
Stonehenge at sunrise

Stonehenge Half-Day Tour

Visit Stonehenge early in the morning or in the afternoon, and explore the famous ancient landmark. This tour lets you explore Stonehenge at your own pace with an amazing audio guide.

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From € 182

Duration: 4 hours
Stonehenge coach tour

Stonehenge Tour From Bath

On this half-day private guided tour explore one of England's most famous historical landmarks, the Stonehenge. Enjoy priority access by skipping the ticket lines and exploring at your own place.

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Why you should book your Stonehenge tour with GetYourGuide

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Explore the most famous historical sites in Britain and book a guided Stonehenge tour!

Book a guided Stonehenge tour and get a better insight into its mysterious history!

FAQ - Stonehenge Tours

How long does a Stonehenge tour take?

Usually, a tour of Stonehenge takes around one to two and a half hours. But after the tour, you are free to stay a bit longer and explore the site on your own.

Can you tour Stonehenge on your own?

You can see Stonehenge on your own. But an important thing to keep in mind is that you will not be able to walk up to Stonehenge during public working hours. The closest you can get to the monument is around 9 meters because the landmark is surrounded by a rope partition. You can, however, walk up to Stonehenge outside of the public working hours. While you can visit Stonehenge practically for free, we still recommend going on a guided tour. A guided tour of Stonehenge will enrich your visiting experience and give you an insight into the fascinating history of this incredible, prehistoric monument.

How much does a Stonehenge tour cost?

The prices of Stonehenge tours start from 20€ and go up. Of course, the cost of the tour depends on the type of tour you book, and if you are taking a tour of only Stonehenge, if you booked a combination tour.

When can I book the Stonehenge tour?

Stonehenge tours are available every day and all year round. You just need to decide on the date and time that works best for you. Book your Stonehenge tour online and have a stress-free visit to this iconic British monument.

Discover Stonehenge at your own pace!

Explore Stonehenge on your own time, book an Audio guide tour of Stonehenge and marvel at this prehistoric wonder.

Good To Know

Don't miss out on visiting The English Heritage Visitor Center. There are souvenir shops and a cafe, as well as the exhibition of over 250 prehistoric objects. The new Stonehenge Visitor Center is a perfect overture for your visit to the iconic landmark.
There are on-site toilets at the Stonehenge Visitor Center.
Because of its popularity, there are only several time slots open for visitors to Stonehenge every day. There is also a timed entry system. That's why you need to book your Stonehenge ticket or tour in advance.
The best way to visit Stonehenge is with an online pre-purchased ticket or tour.
Set aside some time to discover the region and small towns surrounding Stonehenge.
Stonehenge is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Around 1 million people a year visit Stonehenge.
Prepare for the tour of Stonehenge by reading our Stonehenge Visiting Tips!

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