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Buy your skip-the-line Stonehenge tickets and experience one of the most famous prehistoric landmarks in the whole world. Explore at your own pace by skipping the ticket lines and enjoying your visit to the fullest.

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Where to buy Stonehenge Tickets?


Buying your Stonehenge ticket online and having an advance booking is much more convenient than buying them on the spot. It’s also less stressful because you will be well-prepared before your day trip to Stonehenge. We advise you to buy your Stonehenge tickets online. By doing so, you will avoid long waiting queues at the entrance and visitor center. We advise you to buy your Stonehenge tickets online. By doing so, you will avoid long waiting queues at the entrance and visitor center.

Also, the Stonehenge tickets you buy at the visitor center tend to be a bit more expensive than tickets you buy in advance. By purchasing your Stonehenge ticket in advance, you’ll also have a priority entry. So, buy your Stonehenge skip-the-line ticket online and have a carefree visit to the most famous prehistoric monument in Europe!


Stonehenge Skip-The-Line Ticket

Buy your Stonehenge Skip-the-line ticket and book your timed entry to one of the world’s most prominent prehistoric monuments. During your visit to the site, you’ll be able to explore the new world-class Stonehenge visitor center that houses fascinating exhibits, a gift shop, and a café.

Stonehenge is possibly the world’s most famous prehistoric monument. Stonehenge began as a simple earthwork enclosure, and its building was done in several stages. The unique stone circle was erected in the late Neolithic period, sometime around 2500 B.C. Your timed Stonehenge skip-the-line ticket gives you access to this monument that has continued to attract attention for centuries. Today Stonehenge and other associated locations are a UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The prehistoric monument has been the subject of speculation and enchantment since at least the early medieval period. How were the Neolithic people able to construct this engineering masterpiece using only primitive tools and technologies?

Visit the Stonehenge visitor center exhibition with hundreds of prehistoric objects from the iconic English Heritage Site. One of the newest features at Stonehenge is an outdoor gallery is one of the new features at Stonehenge. The gallery includes neolithic houses that were reconstructed using archaeological evidence and authentic materials. The Neolithic houses will provide you with a glimpse into the lifestyle of the prehistoric people who built Stonehenge.

  • Stonehenge admission
  • Visitor Center Exhibitions
  • Free digital audio guide (downloadable to your smartphone)
  • English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Polish, Portuguese
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  • English Heritage and National Trust England members can enjoy free admission to Stonehenge
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Meeting point

Once you arrive, make your way to the Stonehenge Visitor Centre to collect your tickets.


Visit Stonehenge, Britain’s most important prehistoric monument

Visitor Center

Learn about the mystery surrounding Stonehenge in the newly transformed visitor center

Neolithic Houses

See reconstructed Neolithic houses in the site’s new outdoor gallery

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To obtain a Stonehenge skip-the-line ticket, you need to purchase your ticket online. Buying a Stonehenge skip-the-line ticket is worth it because a Stonehenge skip-the-line ticket will allow you to save time and also money. After all, tickets purchased at the Stonehenge visitor center can be more expensive.

With this Stonehenge skip-the-line ticket, you’ll have access to the outdoor open gallery, Stonehenge Visitor Center, and a Stonehenge audio guide. But maybe most importantly, you will have a priority entrance for the icon of Britain – the mysterious Stonehenge.

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FAQ – Stonehenge Tickets

Do I need to buy a Stonehenge ticket in advance?

We strongly recommend you buy your Stonehenge ticket in advance. The reason is that ticket admission price is more expensive if you buy them on the spot at the Stonehenge Visitor Centre.

How much does a Stonehenge ticket cost?

That depends on what the tickets you bought include. Stonehenge tickets can significantly vary in price. Luckily, we’ve curated the best available ticket options. You can have a look at the Stonehenge tickets overview.

How do you skip the line at Stonehenge?

To be able to skip the line at Stonehenge, you need to buy a Stonehenge skip-the-line ticket in advance.

Can you walk around Stonehenge for free?

Yes, you can walk around Stonehenge for free. Still, you need a Stonehenge ticket to enter the site and visit the surrounding attractions. Also, if you are a member of the National Trust & English Heritage, you get free entry to Stonehenge. But even if you have the right to free access, you still have to book your entrance time sloth in advance.

Can you buy tickets to Stonehenge online?

Of course, we even recommend that you buy your Stonehenge ticket online. By purchasing your Stonehenge ticket online, you can better plan your visit to the iconic monument and have a stress-free experience.

Can you walk around the Stonehenge stones?

The closest you can get to the Stonehenge stones during public open hours is 10 yards (around 9 meters) because the prehistoric monument is surrounded by a low rope barrier. But you can walk up to the Stonehenge stones outside public open hours.

How long do you need at Stonehenge?

It will take you at least 2 hours to explore and marvel at the Stonehenge monument. But you are more than welcome to spend as much time as you want to explore the iconic site of Stonehenge.

Find out more about Stonehenge opening times and needed visiting information.

Good to know before you go

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  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Duration 2 hours
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Best way to experiance Stonehenge

We visited one of the UK’s and English Heritages iconic pieces of history yesterday, on what turned out to be the hottest day of the year. Even in the heat, the walk to the Stone Circle is breathtaking and worth doing. The Stone Circle itself is well preserved and it is worth downloading the audio guide, which answers any questions you might have. We took our dog and they are not allowed in the area of the Stone Circle, so be prepared to wait in the dog waiting area. All in all, a great choice to visit Stonehenge and fully recommended.


Good value for money

Everyone knows Stonehenge, so no need to describe it! The commentary downloaded onto phones worked well, and meant you could move along at your own pace and not have to crowd around information boards. It will be more atmospheric when they finally move, or put into a tunnel, the busy road nearby. The museum contained fascinating objects, and skeletons, excavated from the site. We lunched there too. It was pretty good value and the food was excellent.


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  • Stonehenge admission
  • Visitor Center Exhibitions
  • Free digital audio guide (downloadable to your smartphone)

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