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Buy your skip-the-line Stonehenge ticket and marvel at the prehistoric monument. payment rome colosseum tickets

Where to buy Stonehenge Tickets?


Although you can see Stonehenge while just passing by the area, to truly understand the greatness of this prehistoric monument, we strongly recommend you buy a Stonehenge admission ticket. With a Stonehenge ticket, you'll have access to the Stonehenge exhibition and an outdoor gallery, including reconstructed Neolithic houses.


Buying your Stonehenge ticket online and in advance is much more convenient than buying them on the spot. It's also less stressful because you will be well prepared before you visit Stonehenge. We advise you to buy your Stonehenge tickets online. By doing so, you will avoid long waiting queues at the entrance and visitor center. Also, the Stonehenge tickets you buy at the visitor center tend to be a bit more expensive than tickets you buy in advance. By purchasing your Stonehenge ticket in advance, you'll also have a priority entry. So, buy your Stonehenge skip-the-line ticket online and have a carefree visit to the most famous prehistoric monument in Europe!


To obtain a Stonehenge skip-the-line ticket, you need to purchase your ticket online. Buying a Stonehenge skip-the-line ticket is worth it because a Stonehenge skip-the-line ticket will allow you to save time and also money. After all, tickets purchased at the Stonehenge visitor center can be more expensive. With this Stonehenge skip-the-line ticket, you'll have access to the outdoor open gallery, Stonehenge Visitor Center, and a Stonehenge audio guide. But maybe most importantly, you will have a priority entrance for the icon of Britain - the mysterious Stonehenge.

We have selected the best tickets to Stonehenge just for you!

Have a look at our selection of the best available Stonehenge tickets. Choose which ticket best suits your wishes, needs, and travel schedule. Buy your Stonehenge ticket right away!

How to choose the best Stonehenge ticket?

When you're visiting a famous and well popular monument like Stonehenge, the abundance of available tickets can confuse you. And leave you having no idea which Stonehenge ticket to buy. For that reason, we have selected only the best available Stonehenge tickets. And gathered them here to make your visit to this iconic monument as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

Stonehenge Tickets Overview

Have a look at the best value for your money Stonehenge tickets!

Ticket Options Adults/Children Buy Online
English Heritage Pass € 45 Buy Now
Stonehenge Skip The Line Ticket € 23 Buy Now
Visitors that have skip-the-line tickets have to go through security checks as well, like any other visitor, and have their bags scanned before entering Stonehenge. Expect a bit of waiting in the security-check line. But do not fear, this line is much shorter and faster than the ticket counter.

Perfect Stonehenge tickets

From € 23

Stonehenge at sunset Ticket

Stonehenge Skip The Line Ticket

With this ticket you'll be able to experience one of the most famous prehistoric landmarks in the whole world, the Stonehenge. Explore at your own pace by skipping the ticket lines.

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From € 45

Group of tourists in front of Stonhenge

English Heritage Pass

This card will let you experience more than 100 historical monuments and landmarks all over England. Some of the sites included are: the Dover Castle, Stonehenge, etc.

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Stonehenge Tours - Want to get to know Stonehenge and the area around it better?

If you want to learn and discover more about Stonehenge, its history, and the lifestyle of prehistoric people, check out some of our hand-picked Stonehenge Tours.

From € 182

Duration: 4 hours
Stonehenge coach tour

Stonehenge Tour From Bath

On this half-day private guided tour explore one of England's most famous historical landmarks, the Stonehenge. Enjoy priority access by skipping the ticket lines and exploring at your own place.

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From € 173

Duration: 12 hours
Stonehenge at night

Stonehenge Sunset Tour

On this private full-day tour learn everything you could ever want about England's most famous prehistoric landmarks, the Stonehenge. The tour takes place at sunset so you'll be able to dodge the crowds and explore Stonehenge at your own pace.

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FAQ - Stonehenge Tickets

Do I need to buy a Stonehenge ticket in advance?

We strongly recommend you buy your Stonehenge ticket in advance. The reason is that tickets are more expensive if you buy them on the spot at the Stonehenge Visitor Centre.

How much does a Stonehenge ticket cost?

That depends on what the tickets you bought include. Stonehenge tickets can significantly vary in price. Luckily, we've curated the best available ticket options. You can have a look at the Stonehenge tickets overview.

How do you skip the line at Stonehenge?

To be able to skip the line at Stonehenge, you need to buy a Stonehenge skip-the-line ticket in advance.

Can you walk around Stonehenge for free?

Yes, you can walk around Stonehenge for free. Still, you need a Stonehenge ticket to enter the site and visit the surrounding attractions. Also, if you are a member of the National Trust & English Heritage, you get free entry to Stonehenge. But even if you have the right to free access, you still have to book your entrance time sloth in advance.

Can you buy tickets to Stonehenge online?

Of course, we even recommend that you buy your Stonehenge tickets online. By purchasing your Stonehenge ticket online, you can better plan your visit to the iconic monument and have a stress-free experience.

Can you walk around the Stonehenge stones?

The closest you can get to the Stonehenge stones during public open hours is 10 yards (around 9 meters) because the prehistoric monument is surrounded by a low rope barrier. But you can walk up to the Stonehenge stones outside public open hours.

How long do you need at Stonehenge?

It will take you at least 2 hours to explore and marvel at the Stonehenge monument. But you are more than welcome to spend as much time as you want to explore the iconic site of Stonehenge.

Find out more insights if you plan to visit Stonehenge.

Do you want to discover more about Stonehenge?

Learn more about Stonehenge! Have a look at the fantastic Stonehenge tours we have selected for you.

From € 67

Duration: 6.5 hours
Stonehenge at sunrise

Stonehenge Half-Day Tour

Visit Stonehenge early in the morning or in the afternoon, and explore the famous ancient landmark. This tour lets you explore Stonehenge at your own pace with an amazing audio guide.

From € 88

Duration: 10 hours
Stonehenge close up

Stonehenge & Bath Tour

Take a leisurely trip on a luxury coach tour of Stonehenge and Georgian Bath. On this tour you'll have plenty of time to explore the ancient monument Stonehenge as well as the city of Bath.

From € 77

Duration: 11 hours
Oxford & Stonehenge tour

Stonehenge Full-Day Tour From London

On this full-day tour you'll be able to visit the historic city of Oxford as well as majestic ancient monument of Stonehenge. This tour will also take you to the Windsor Castle.

From € 134

Duration 10.5 hours
City of Bath Tour

Stonehenge & Windsor Castle Tour

This 10 hour tour will take you to the Roman Baths where you'll be able to witness English culture in the Roman Times. You will also visit the breath-taking Windsor Castle as well as the magnificent Stonehenge.