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Stonehenge Tour – Explore the mystery of Stonehenge

Discover one of the most impressive monuments of the prehistoric world.

We will help you find the best tours and Tickets for Stonehenge and provide you with the most helpful tips and information for your visit to Stonehenge, its surrounding sites, and charming towns.

Experience the mystery of ancient times with a visit to Stonehenge, one of Britain’s most visited and renowned landmarks. Stonehenge is located in the heart of Salisbury, just 90 miles west of London. This iconic prehistoric monument draws in over a million visitors annually. Add Stonehenge to your travel itinerary and experience the wonder and magic of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. This iconic prehistoric monument is definitely an experience you don’t want to miss!

Want to learn more about Stonehenge?

We’ve put together a list of perfectly crafted Stonehenge tours that offer unbeatable value for your money. Our multiple combination tours departing from London allow you to explore Stonehenge and other fascinating destinations like Windsor Castle, Lacock, and Bath.

After you marvel at the prehistoric stone circle, you can choose to visit the Ancient Roman Baths, discover the filming locations for the Downton Abbey TV series, or immerse yourself in the stunning Georgian architecture of Bath.

Find a tour that best suits your needs, wishes, and taste, and book it online! Join us for a stress-free, unforgettable journey with Stonehenge Tours, and have a completely stress-free visit!

Recommended Stonehenge Tours

Check out our selection of the best Stonehenge tours that offer an unforgettable experience filled with a fascinating history and breathtaking scenery. With so many options available for touring and visiting the iconic Stonehenge, we decided to make it easier for you. We selected the best available Stonehenge tours. You can simply choose the one that suits you best and embark on an adventure right away!

All of the Stonehenge tours include a skip-the-line enter ticket.

Prices and Overview

You can read more about our hand-picked Stonehenge tours below the price overview.

tour optionsPrice from
Stonehenge Tour by Bus
Stonehenge Tour by Bus

English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish,Korean,Mandarin,Polish,Brazilian,Portuguese,Ukrainian

$ 89

Best value

Stonehenge Tour From London
Stonehenge Tour From London

English, Spanish, Japanese

$ 127


$ 126

Best seller

Stonehenge Audio Guide Tour
Stonehenge Audio Guide Tour

Multi-Language audio guide

$ 89

Best price

$ 110
$ 99,43

Stonehenge Private Tour
Stonehenge Private Tour

Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Russian

6 Hand-picked Stonehenge tours

You don’t have to worry about your wanted tour selling out. Book your Stonehenge small group tour or a day trip from London online and in advance. Enjoy your visit to one of the most iconic prehistoric monuments in the world!

Why is Stonehenge important?

Stonehenge is the most architecturally sophisticated prehistoric monument in the world. Although its original purpose is not one hundred percent established and known. Archeological findings around the site allow us to conclude at least a little about what could have been the real purpose of Stonehenge. Today Stonehenge is an iconic monument of the prehistoric world and a popular tourist attraction for visitors worldwide.

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Mystery of Stonehenge

Despite the fact that the construction methods and original purpose of Stonehenge remain unknown, there are several theories regarding its intended function. While there is no clear answer, many experts believe that Stonehenge was primarily used as a burial site for a substantial amount of time.

Still, a lot of scholars and historians believe that it had other purposes and functions as well. It’s supposed to have been a religious destination of pilgrimage, an ancient calendar, the last resting place of the royal family, a ceremonial site or a memorial erected in honor of ancestors, or perhaps a spiritual connection with distant ancestors.

Walk Through History & Make Your History Today!

stonehenge solstice

Stonehenge Solstice

One of the most popular times to go and visit Stonehenge is during the summer and winter solstice. During this time of year, the sun plays around the monument’s stones and provides a spectacle for its observers.

On the summer solstice at Stonehenge, the sun rises right behind the Heel Stone located in the northeast part of the horizon. The very first rays of sunshine shine into the heart of Stonehenge. At the winter solstice, the visitors of Stonehenge standing in the enclosure entrance and facing the center of the stones can see the sunset on the southwest part of the horizon.

Visiting Stonehenge

Stonehenge is one of the most commonly visited attractions in the UK – and with good reason. Millions of people around the world come to marvel at the most mysterious wonder of the prehistoric world. The iconic ruin was built in several stages and boasts more than 4,000 years of existence.

Because of its tremendous popularity and many visitors, we strongly advise you to come well-prepared for your visit to Stonehenge. That’s why we have gathered all of the essential tips and information you will need to know before visiting Stonehenge. Read up on everything you’ll need to know about your Stonehenge sightseeing adventure.

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Things To Do Around Stonehenge

After you are done exploring Stonehenge, we strongly advise you to visit and discover the surrounding area. Visit the charming little towns around Stonehenge, such as Calne, Amesbury, Cricklade, Bath, and many more. Of course, no visit to Stonehenge would be complete without visiting Salisbury.

This city is well-known not only for Stonehenge but also for its beautiful medieval Salisbury Cathedral. Certainly, do not miss out on going to the Stonehenge Visitor Centre. There you will find an exhibition of over 250 prehistoric objects. You can also see reconstructed Neolithic homes in an open gallery.

Learn more about Stonehenge

Discover Stonehenge and its mysteries by going on a guided tour of the iconic monument. Learn about the history of Europe’s most famous prehistoric landmark. If you plan to spend your vacation in central London, don’t miss the opportunity to go on one of many Stonehenge day tours departing from London on a comfortable air-conditioned coach trip.

Although, if you want to explore this famous stone circle at your own pace, we advise you to book tickets for Stonehenge. You can buy Stonehenge tickets at any visitor center, but it is best to book tickets in advance and online.

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